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You hear commercials all the time about taking out car title loans. In fact, millions of people take out these short-term loans every year. The plain and simple fact is that many folks can’t qualify for a loan any other way. They may have damaged their credit scores with skipped or late payments, and the banks no longer consider them a good credit risk. However, title lenders approve people with bad credit because their loans are secured with the borrower’s vehicle. Emergencies can strike at any time, and money from vehicle title loans can be used to cover anything like funeral costs, power bills, unexpected medical expenses, bail, home appliance repairs or covering large tax bills. Anyone dealing with these kinds of situations could stand to benefit by applying for auto title loans Dayton. Applications are free of charge. You can apply online and receive a free loan estimate within minutes of applying. Loan approvals require that you have some income, own a vehicle outright and have a car title, which shows there are no liens against your vehicle.

Getting Started With an Application

937 Car Title Loans makes it easy for applicants to apply for auto title loans Dayton. You are encouraged to save time and gas money by filling out one of our online applications. If you would like to speak with one of our representatives, you can call in your application information, or you can complete an application at a local loan store.

Complete an Application Form

Just fill in our form with the following information:

• A mileage estimate and the age, model, make and body style of the vehicle offered as collateral.

• Your full name, zip code and a telephone number where we can reach you to discuss a loan offer.

Documentation Requirements for Auto Title Loans Dayton

As opposed to banks that are known to require several pieces of documentation, 937 Car Title Loans only requires four items to meet loan approval guidelines. You’ll need the following documents:

1. Your driver’s license or Ohio state identification card to prove you are at least 18.

2. Any kind of document to prove that you have income to repay a loan.

3. Proof that your vehicle is completely paid for.

4. The paper car title to your vehicle, which confirms there are no liens against the vehicle.

Learning About Auto Title Loans Dayton

Hassle Free Title Loans Dayton

If you’ve been considering a car title loan in Dayton, you’ll love our easy online application and courteous customer services. You don’t have to search for a bunch of documentation or set up a meeting to apply. Whenever possible, everything is handled over the phone to simplify the process.

Freebie Services

Vehicle title loans in Dayton, Ohio come with a number of free services that our customers enjoy. 937 Car Title Loans doesn’t charge for applications. So, you can easily obtain more information about the loan process without being charged. Free loan estimates provide important information that customers need to make financial choices. Completing a free loan consultation provides further information on the loan process and may help you to decide if a loan is beneficial to your financial situation.

Convenient Loan Center Stores

937 Car Title Loans makes it easy to do business with us because we provide a number of local loan center stores. There is bound to be a loan center near you where you can apply, meet us, make payments, sign contracts and collect loan funds.

No Credit Checks on Secured Loans

Applicants considering auto title loans Dayton never have to be concerned whether their credit is good enough to qualify. Vehicles secure the loans, so credit isn’t checked.

How the Title Loan Process Works at 937 Car Title Loans


You can apply any time day or night with our convenient online loan application. If you have questions or concerns, you can also speak with anyone of our loan representatives, which are ready to take calls.

Reviewing Your Loan

To make sure our customers are kept informed, we automatically send out upfront loan estimates within a short time of receiving applications. Estimates are derived from the information you provide about your vehicle in your application. This figure will give you a rough idea of what amount of money you could qualify for. If you are pleased with the amount, we hope you will continue on with the loan consultation phase to learn more about your options.

Meeting With a Loan Representative

Within hours of applying, you’ll receive a telephone call from a loan representative who will provide you with an overview of our process. To get you qualified for a loan, you will be asked to provide some details about your source of income. This information is necessary to determine an affordable repayment plan to meet your needs.

After completing your phone consultation, you’ll be asked to visit a nearby loan center store to complete the loan process. Your representative will draw up a contract to confirm loan details. Contracts are written to abide by state auto title regulations, which can help to protect consumers. They must state the interest rate for the loan and the cost of the interest. You’ll also see the total loan amount you’re borrowing, minimum payment amounts, any applicable loan fees and a convenient loan repayment schedule.

Your Loan Funds

Borrowers are asked to review contracts and ask questions if needed. During loan closings, borrowers must turn in their paper car titles to meet collateral requirements agreed to in their contracts. As soon as all your paperwork has been completed, you may collect your loan funds to spend on anything. If you need cash now, for any purpose, consider car title loans in Dayton today.

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